Beach Party Organisation – Staff Only

This Article is only available for the beach party staff. Now this article is available for everybody.


Start : Friday 4 of June at 20:00

End : We will see Saturday or Sunday

The event created on Facebook, the summary :

Hi everybody !!!!

Many people from wihte boxes will leave the next week after the 4th of June. It’s why, we will organise a beach party in the withe boxes to said good bye and to pass a last very good moment together in Norway.

Take your swimsuit, sun glasses, beach towel, everything that look like beach people.

For the people who want, we will start at 8:00pm with BBQ (bring your own food)

We hope to see you all! maybe you will have surprises! thanks

Bring your own beverage (Wine, Beer, Coktail, …)! And remember ENJOY!


  • Beach – Sand
  • Barbecue
  • Sea – Swimming Pool
  • Bar
  • Decoration
  • Planning

Beach – Sand

  • Sand
  • Transport (wheelbarrow or Bin with wheel)
  • Protection


Checked : Volleyball ground near of bluebox

Transport (wheelbarrow or Bin with wheel)

Checked : wheelbarrow from the town. Finally, Troley with ikea bag and baket


Checked : Bin liner and tape


  • BBQ
  • Table


Checked Red bin from town and BBQ from redboxes


Two tables from the kitcheen and the banch from botanic garden

Sea – Swimming Pool

  • How make the Sea ?
  • Where find a Swimming Pool
  • Where put the swimming pool
  • Test Swimming pool

How make the Sea ?

Use some platic, find tank, …. Finally best solution : swimming pool

Where find a Swimming Pool ?

On internet, Robert found something, but 500Kr, too expensive

In some garden : During come back by foot after the last party. We cheched but we found nothing.

Malda Jakub and Me found a swimming pool at 250Kr. Perfect !!! We bought, next step : test

Where put the swimming pool ?

We have make two test to select the correct bathroom.

During the curling competition, the water didn’t go directly in the evacuation, but we can move the shower.

We put the swimming in one bathroom 122, because we have already move the shower, it’s easier.

Final descision bathroom 122

Test Swimming pool ?

How put water inside, how empty, … we have to make test befor to know the answer.

First step : blowing-up

A good movie and two hours

Blowing up here
The first is finished
Now the second
After two hours, it finished

Second step : filling up

The tape don't work, use chair
Ready !!!

Third step : test 1

Last step : emptying

We try to put in the shower, not good idea, too many water for the evacuation.

The best put with two bucket the water in the toilet !!

Test number 2

Quoi de mieux pour regarder Roland Garros !!!

test number 3

It’s good during the day, but the night at Stavanger is too cold.


  • Bar
  • Decoration of the bar


We use palette from UiS and we will put in the midle of the kitcheen.

Decoraiton of the bar

Glassmat from salsa: checked

Decoration around the palette, peace of the butter advertisment.


  • Logo
  • Tree
  • Advertisement


bp (markus' idea)


The bambou from town (actualy in the Astrid’s rom)


I’m working on


List of the tasks:

What When Who
SwimmingPool Friday around 2pm Markus, Robert, Jakub Océan
Bar Assembly Wednesday Markus, Robert, Jakub Océan
Put the Bar in the kitchen Friday 6pm Markus, Robert, Jakub Océan
Take the Table for the BBQ Friday 5pm Markus, Robert, Jakub Océan
Take the BBQ from redboxes Friday 5pm Jakub
Test Swimming Pool 2 Saturday All the staff
Test Swimming Pool 3 Monday All the staff
Test Swimming Pool 4 Tueasday All the staff
Test Swimming Pool 5 Wednesday All the staff
Test Swimming Pool 6 Thursday All the staff
Bar Palette Monday Night Jakub, Océan